Free MP3, Early Access to My Music and More

Welcome to my secret space! Creating is such a fun experience and I can't wait to share it with you at a deeper level. 


Many of the music that I post on my social media is not officially released yet, but many of you have asked for them. So I decided to send one MP3 for free to you every other month. 

Because you actually care about my music, you will receive my music before I post them on social media. You also have the right to vote for Music of the Month, which will decide the MP3 that I give away for that month. A 3-min song sometimes has a 3-year story and a 3-month work behind it, I'd also love to share every little thing about my songs with you. 

Totally Free. Are you in?

Fill out the short form down below so I can send MP3 and more information to you now :)

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